NAAC Accredited Institutes

NAAC Accredited Government Colleges

Sr Institute Name CGPA ScoreGrade Accredited Date Valid Up Cycle
1. RCU Govt. PG College Uttarakashi 2.75B+ 30/11/2018 29/11/2023
2. Govt. PG College Berinag 2.09B 04/03/2019 03/03/2024
3. LSM Govt. PG College Pithoragarh 2.42B 04/03/2019 03/03/2024
4.Govt. PG College Agashtyamuni 2.02B26/11/201925/11/2024
5.Radhe Hari Govt. PG College Kashipur2.05B15/07/201914/07/2024
6.M.B.Govt. PG College Haldwani2.02B11/03/202010/03/2025
7.PNG Govt. PG College Ramanagar1.85C23/02/202122/02/2026
8.Govt. Degree College Tanakpur1.64C01/03/202128/02/2026
9.Govt. PG College Someshwar2.64B+21/08/202320/08/2028
10.Govt. PG College Doiwala2.41B20/02/202319/02/2028
11.Govt. PG College Lohaghat2.36B14/02/202313/02/2028
12.Govt. Degree College, Chaubattakhal2C31/05/202330/05/2028
13.Govt. PG College, Ranikhet2.64B+11/07/202310/07/2028
14.Govt. PG College, Dwarahat2.51B+03/05/202302/05/2028
15.Indira Priyadarshini Govt. Girls PG College, Haldwani2.57B+25/08/202324/08/2028
16.Govt. Degree College Narendranagar2.67B+23/09/202322/09/2028
17.Govt. Degree College Kotdwar Bhabar2.35B15/09/202314/09/2028
18.Govt. PG College Maldevta, Raipur, Dehradun1.79C12/10/202311/10/2028
19.Govt. Degree College Chakrata2C12/10/202311/10/2028
20.Govt. Degree College Talwari2.31B14/10/202313/10/2028
21.Govt. PG College Kotdwar2.49B27/10/202326/10/2028
22.Govt. PG College Purola1.99C27/10/202326/10/2028
23.Govt. Degree College Tyuni1.7C27/10/202326/10/2028
24.Govt. Degree College Chandrabadni2.19B27/10/202326/10/2028
25.Govt. PG College Halduchaur2.17B27/10/202326/10/2028
26.Govt. Degree College Barkot2C27/10/202326/10/2028
27.Govt. PG College Karanprayag2.34B27/10/202326/10/2028
28.Govt. PG College Bazpur2.85B++02/11/202301/11/2028
29.Govt. PG College Gairsain2.17B09/11/202308/11/2028
30.Govt. PG College Khatima2.28B23/11/202322/11/2028
31.Govt. PG College Laksar2C23/11/202322/11/2028
32.SBS Govt. PG College Rudrapur2.34B23/11/202322/11/2028
33.Govt. PG College New Tehri2.37B23/11/202322/11/2028
34.Govt. Degree College Kanda, Bageshwar2.12B22/12/202321/12/2028
35.Govt. Degree College Churyala1.83C22/12/202321/12/2028
36.Govt. PG College Nagnathpokhari1.93C22/12/202321/12/2028
37.Govt. PG College Joshimath1.58C22/12/202321/12/2028
38.Govt. PG College Thalisain1.84C22/12/202321/12/2028
39.Govt. Degree College Kotabag2.08B30/12/202329/12/2028

NAAC Accredited Government Aided Colleges
Sr. No.  Institute Name CGPA Score Grade Accredited Date Valid Up Cycle
1. DBS PG College Dehradun 2.45 B 15/07/2019 14/07/2024
2. DAV PG College, Dehradun 2.46 B 08/01/2020 07/01/2025
3. Chandrawati Tiwari Kanya PG College Kashipur 1.82 C 16/11/2021 15/11/2026
4. SGRR PG College Dehradun 2.76 B+ 22/03/2022 21/03/2027
6. Shri Sanatan Dharm Prakash Chand Kanya PG College Roorkee 2.77 B+ 19/04/2022 18/04/2027
7.Chaman Lal College, Landhaura, Haridwar2.51B+03/03/202302/03/2028

NAAC Accredited Government Universities

Sr Institute Name Grade Current CGPA AISHE-ID Date of Declaration Cycle
1. Uttarakhand Open University B++ 2.77 U-0623 18/10/2022 1
2. Kumaun University, Nainital B 2.31
August 2023

NAAC Accredited Private Universities

Sr Institute Name Grade Current CGPAAISHE-ID Date of Declaration Cycle
1. DIT University, Dehradun A 3.19
2. Graphic ERA Deemed University A+ 3.29U-0555 18/10/2022 2
3.Uttaranchal UniversityA+3.3U-075011/01/20221
4.Gurukula Kangri UniversityB2.38U-055630/11/20213
5.The ICFAI University, DehradunC1.78U-056108/01/20201
6.University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), DehradunA3.02U-056401/03/20212