NAAC Progress Report of Aided Colleges

NAAC Accredited Govt. Aided College

Sr. College Name Grade Score Accredited Date Valid Up
1. DBS PG College, Dehradun B 2.45 15/07/2019 14/07/2024
2. DAV PG College, Dehradun B 2.46 08/01/2020 07/01/2025
3. Chandrawati Tiwari Girls PG College, Kashipur C 1.82 16/11/2021 15/11/2026
4. SGRR PG College, Dehradun B++ 2.76 22/03/2022 21/03/2027
5.Sri Sanatan Dharm Prakash Chand Girls PG College, Roorkee, HaridwarB++2.7719/04/202218/04/2027
6.Chaman Lal Degree College, Landhaura, HaridwarB+2.5103/03/202302/03/2028
7.RMP P.G. College, Narsan, HaridwarC1.7521/03/202420/03/2029
8.Balganga College, Sendul Kemar, Tehri GarhwalC1.7205/12/202304/12/2028

Sr. College Name AQAR IIQA & Status SSR DVV NAAC Team Visit Scheduled Website Present Status
1. Rath Mahavidhyalaya Paithani N.A. No No No No Yes Working on SSR
2. Harsh Vidhya Mandir (PG) College N.A. No No No No Yes Working on SSR
3.DBS PG College Dehradun02 YearNoNoNoNoYesB Grade NAAC Accredited (2019-24) AQAR submitted Regularly
4.Hari om Saraswati PG College, HaridwarN.A.NoNoNoNoYesPreparation for IIQA is on, data collection and compilation is in process.
5.Municipal Post Graduate College MussorieN.A.NoNoNoNoYesCollege will submit IIQA by May or June. The preparation of SSR is in progress.
6.Chaman Lal MahavidhyalayaN.A.NoYesYesYesYesPeer Team Visit 27 and 28 February (NAAC)
7.Bal Ganga Mahavidhyalay TehriN.A.YesNoNoNoYesIIQA submitted one clarification in progress.
8.SSD Girls PG College Roorkee01 YearNoNoNoNoYesGrade B NAAC Accredited valid UP 2027
9.DAV PG College Dehradun02 YearNoNoNoNoYesGrade B NAAC Accredited Till January 2024
10.RMP PG College Gurukul Narsan Haridwar03 YearNoNoNoNoYesWorking on AQAR(21-22) and SSR 2- IIQA have been prepared and are expected to get submitted within a week (02 Feb. 2023).
11.Chinmay Degree College Haridwar05 YearNoNoNoNoYesWorking on IIQA and SSR
12.MKP PG College Dehradun01 YearNoNoNoNoThe website is being recommissioned and updated, the process for which is ongoing.Working on AQAR, IIQA and SSR
13.Mahila Vidhyalaya Degree College Haridwar03 YearNoNoNoNoYesB Grade NAAC Accredited AQAR submitted regularly Working on IIQA and SSR
14.SMJN PG College HaridwarAQAR (Progress)NoNoNoNoYesWorking on IIQA and SSR
15.KLDAV PG College RoorkeeAQAR SubmittedNoNoNoNoYesPreparation of IIQA is in progress. It will be submitted in February 2023.
16.Chandrawati Tiwari PG College Kashipur
NoNoNoNoYesWorking on AQAR, IIQA and SSR
17.SV College of Education Roorkee
NoNoNoNoYesWorking on IIQA and SSR
18.SGRR PG College Dehradun01 (AQAR)NoNoNoNoYesWorking on AQAR
19.BSM PG College RoorkeeN.A.NoNoNoNoYesWorking on IIQA and SSR
20.Dhanauri PG CollegeN.A.NoNoNoNoYesWorking on IIQA and SSR
21.DWT, DehradunAQAR is submitted for the year 2021-22 waiting for approval. IIQA is under processingNoNoNoNoYesAQAR is submitted for the year 2021-22 waiting for approval. IIQA is under processing.